Cinema 4D Basecamp

Course of study, Sep 2018

Cinema 4D is deep and can be tricky to learn. So I took this in-depth course to get up to speed with all of the key aspects of Cinema 4D.
The course included exercises and challenges based in the world of Motion Design, and using the software just like the pros do. With session-based courses and real Teaching Assistants there critiquing my work.
Here is a summary of what I did and learn from the course.


6 Week


Online course based on videos tutorials, all sort of material and Assignment with real teacher assistants


  • 3D Modeling and Texturing
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D MoGraph Toolset
  • 3D Compositing
  • 3D Cameras and Staging
  • 3D Lighting Basics

1. Assignment - My favorite place

Modeling from only primitive my favorite place.

2. Assignment - Be Kind Rewind

Learning about spline and generate geometry

3. Assignment - Super Modeling Challenge

This time around no modeling shortcuts. It should be made from one shape and truthfully to the modeling technics as possible.

4. Assignment - Light It Up

Vi start learning about light and was a challenge to light up a scene in 4 different moods only with lights. Sci-fi Vibrant, Morning Talk show, Late Night Show, Mysterious / Film Noir.
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5. Assignment - Make Shiny

Learned about material and reflections and a bit about texture as well. In this assignment we where a challenge to make it work.
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6. Assignment - It's A Trap!

It was time to learn about animating in 3D with some fundamental animation technics
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7. Assignment - Up In The Air

Here we taking the animation to the next level with learning even more animation technics. Like animating thought a spline and camera controls.
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8. Assignment - We Build This City

Here we learn about the power of Mo-Graph and was assigned to build our own city with it.
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9. Assignment - Hustle and Bustle

Time to make the city move with some Mo Mo-graph effectors.
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11. Assignment - Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em

Learning more about camera technics in Cinema 4D and the workflow with After Effects.
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