Advanced Motion Methods

Course of study, Jan-Feb 2019

I have long been looking for an opportunity to go from good to the even greater and been longing for being able to pull even more amazing transitions, technical wizardry, and gorgeous movement. In this course, I got the opportunity to learn from Sander Van Dijk one of the best animators in the business and work with artwork from some of the greats Motion Design Illustrators. Looking over his shoulder and learn his secrets about how he has developed his insane chops, was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. The course has truly got a big impact on how I now work and approached a problem and have been horned to get the opportunity to work with such amazing artwork.


5 Week


Online course based on videos tutorials, all sort of material and Assignment with real teacher assistants


  • Structuring a concept
  • Learn to manage complex scenes and movement
  • Think up and execute cleverly transitions
  • Expert eye tracing understanding
  • Problem-solving
  • Pro Tips

Animation & Sound design by Jens W. Ullerup, Artwork by Sarah Beth Morgan


Underneath is a selection of my solutions for the assignment with some of all my interactions I did to keep on pushing myself to get as much as I could. With a big help from my associated Teacher Assistens Chris Biewer there was amazing with a lot of encouragement and constructive critique.
I hope it can give you an interesting impression of the being and the development of each solution.

WEEK 01 - First Challenge

The first assignment was to make an animatic with some rough animations om some amazing but jet challenging and complex style frames from Laura Alejo, to get an idea about how we would approach this kind of challenge at the moment and getting an idea of what going to come.

Animation & VO  by Jens W. Ullerup. Artwork by Laura Alejo & Manuscript was given.

Given Styleframes/Boards by Laura Alejo

DNA-styleframes first week

WEEK 02 - A Solid Foundation

The first week Sander shaded how and why addressing motivation of movement and planning the story/animation well, have such a tremendous impact.

Animation by Jens W. Ullerup, Artwork, Music and VO was given.

Giving illustration to choose one from too freely making our own story and motivation for movement on, together with 3 different scripts to choose from.


At this week we got introduced to different level of complexity in transitions and when and why to choose what in situationen – as well they strength and weaknesses.

Cut To The Chase - Focus IO

In this assignment, we were trying out a transition technic called “a match cut” there can be powerful and with little complexity.
Animaiton by Jens W. Ullerup. Board created by Illo & Music given.

Giving board made by Illo with music. 00.00-00.11 Done by Sander Van Dijk.

Smooth Moves - Blend 3015

In the 2nd assignment of the week, we were challenged to try out more complex a time-consuming transition technics. We were recommended to concentrate on the first frame instead of doing all of them there can be tempting but would result in less love to it and don’t learn the lesson. So decided to focus and the first frames and instead go in dept in them.

Animation & Music choose by Jens Willads Ullerup. Boards created by Lucas Brooking and Gareth O’Brien

Giving board created by Lucas Brooking and Gareth O’Brien.

WEEK 04 - Managing Complexity

We were now diving deep down in how to best handle and dealing with complex boards where it can be hard to see how the board should go from one to the other. So we revisiting Laura Alejo frames again that we animated in orientation week and adding or new knowledge to approaching complex style frames and design.

Animation, VO and sound design by Jens W. Ullerup. Artwork by Laura Alejo & Manuscript was given.

Same giving board as the first assignment but now with the missing frames included.

WEEK 05 - The Sum of All Parts

It was finally time to try using all the things we have learned on some board there containing all the opportunities and challenges we have to learn to tackle. The artwork we got the opportunity to work with was from none other than one of my favorite Illustrators Sarah Beth Morgan.

Animaiton, sound design and music choose by Jens W. Ullerup. Artwork by Sarah Beth Morgan

Given board by Sarah Beth Morgan