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Jens Willads Ullerup


Conveying and explaining a message, a problem or a concept can be challenging. The things that you may feel are a problem are an exciting challenge for me and an opportunity to help.

It’s important for me that you feel comfortable with the process and know what is happening and when. During the process, you will get both options and revisions, and I am happy to make my expertise available.

I have many years of experience in art direction, project coordination, graphic communication, graphic design, typography, motion graphics, animation, character animation, visual effects and sound design, and so I am able to deliver a complete motion graphic and animation solution.


I make customized motion graphic and animation solutions, where I use design, storytelling, sound and animation specifically targeted and designed to solve your needs and wants.

My primary task is to transform your message into a vivid and credible form of expression and design that strengthens what you want to tell and explain.

I can help you solve the whole assignment, from the initial idea to the finished project, or help with individual parts of the assignment. Typically, I work from my own office, but I’m flexible when it comes to where I work.


JWU is a creative bureau based in Copenhagen, consisting of Jens Willads Ullerup: a freelance motion graphics designer, animator, musician and film enthusiast from Denmark.

Motion graphics are not only my work but also my great passion – an area in which many of my creative hobbies meet. When I’m not working, I like to geek around with all kinds of other things – be it art, drawing, cooking, games, and music.

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If you are interested in my work, have any questions or just want to say hi, do not hesitate to contact me. Looking forward hearing from you.

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